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The 5 innovative ideas to start a successful business

Bergamo is a fertile ground for Italian entrepreneurship and an aspiring entrepreneur in search of innovative ideas could find in this territory the right basis to lay a solid foundation for his business. After all, setting up on one’s own is the dream of many, but finding the right idea could be the biggest obstacle: it is better to open a trendy business, something artisanal, or be a real forerunner by jumping on a sector still little explored but on which there would be very few competitors? The choice is vast and there really is something for all tastes, but what we want to do for you in this little guide is to give you 5 innovative ideas that will give you a starting point to set up your business. But let us not delay any further and immediately begin our roundup.

1) Composites business
The green sector is decidedly trendy and usually startups born in this context can be exported all over the world. In particular, the composite business involves low production costs and the satisfaction of the growing demand of growers who prefer to opt for fiberglass.

2) Cultivation of legal cannabis
We are talking about a rapidly growing sector. Suffice it to say that in the United States the legal hemp cultivation business, also called light marijuana, has reached the value of 820 million dollars. The uses of this plant are many, ranging from the pharmacological sector to the food industry, passing through textiles and the cosmetics sector.

3) Digital marketing agency
Nowadays, companies that want to continue to survive cannot avoid developing their own online presence. Not appearing in this world is tantamount to losing countless opportunities both in terms of knowledge by the potential client and in terms of the relationships that can be established with other possible companies. But taking care of one’s own presence on the web and studying marketing strategies is very difficult for those who are not accustomed to this new world (if you think about the average profile of small and medium-sized Italian companies, you understand that the potential user base is definitely remarkable). Here, digital marketing agencies come into play here,

4) Heliciculture
Are you wondering what it is? It is nothing more than snail farming. But don’t turn up your nose, let’s talk about a business that continues to grow since 2004 and that requires a commitment of only 18 hours per week. The rediscovery of many regional dishes in the Mediterranean area meant that this animal returned in vogue; but meat is not the only form of marketing, in fact another very popular ingredient is the snail caviar, while the burr is used in the cosmetic field.

5) Big data analysis agency
The increasingly flourishing digitization of every aspect of our lives leads us to leave a trace of our “actions” (for example a tweet, a Facebook post or a voice message). These traces translate into data. User data is the new gold for companies, they are invaluable and even power to turn entire production lines. But few are able to extrapolate and interpret them correctly. To make up for this lack, agencies specialized in this type of activity are beginning to spread and help companies to have a more aware view of the behavior of their customers and potential ones.

How to increase the capacity of the clipboard

Hello here I give you a little turn to tell you that a small program has made me work a little more relieved with my computer, in the sense of temporary storage of texts.

Sometimes we copy important text (every text we copy is stored in the clipboard which is a temporary storage memory) and if we take a long time to paste it, we may lose it if we copy another text on top of the first and if this happens as soon as I’m sure we’ll go back to the page where we got the first text to be copied again, but let me give you an example so you can understand me better:

Imagine that Pepito is doing a job for the school, and he has copied text to make a summary about Why the crab walks sideways? Just like drunks do when they drink a lot, only they go sideways hehe, good Pepito copied a good text but his sister nugget (rays that perhaps the parents did not have other names for these children) tells him that she saw a dedicated website to the crabs and found a better text according to her, then Pepito copied it and then pasted it on his Word sheet, when he started to make his summary he realized that the first text was better but because he copied the second one and the first one disappeared of temporary memory (the clipboard).

This story seems very long hehe, as I said, Pepito to retrieve the first text would have to go to the website where I copy it, although this seems silly, it really happens a lot especially if we need to use a lot of information since we are always pasting and copying very followed, and if you work in a call center it could be good to use a program that avoids this hassle of looking for information that you already had copied since the default clipboard does not memorize all the copied texts.

That’s why I’m talking about two free software that will allow you to have a multi-paper function on your computer, you can use the one that best suits you, I’ll leave the link so you can see where I downloaded the one I use, but there are others that you can use that they fulfill the same functions.

The names of the programs are Miniclip and the other that is Multi ClipBoard, any of these you can try, well I hope it has been useful for you, leave me a comment and I would be kind to share this article in your social networks, possibly some of your friends or acquaintances can use this information, until another !.